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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Yes, I haven't blogged for the majority of this year.  Guess what happened?!  We moved back to the arctic!!!!  That's right!!!  We are finally home.  I thank God for our time in Oregon and I thank Him even more for bringing us back to Alaska.

I really struggled with deciding whether or not I should bring my studio up with us.  A room full of crafty goodness is very expensive to move from the Lower 48 to very top of world.  I was ready to put paper crafting on hold and try my hand at digital designing only.  My husband was shocked that I would consider leaving my craft supplies behind.  When it came down to it he advised me against going all digi and to bite the bullet and ship everything up.  BIG SMILES.

It's been wonderful to back.  We are almost settled all the way in.  The only thing left to unpack and organize is my studio.  Yep, everything had to come first and now I am at the point that I just have to create again!  I don't know how I've lasted so long without cutting paper, adhering bling, and making flowers.

Now that we are back in Barrow, my husband and I both have new jobs.  I am back to working full time again.  Our daughter started kindergarden and we are reunited with our grown son who lives in here too.  We are also back in our home church.  I just about cried every church service for the first few weeks.  I feel so blessed.... blessed beyond measure.

Now that I am looking back over our summer I've discovered that I hardly took any pictures during our transition.  I think you would of been impressed with the mountains of totes it took to get us moved.  Anyhow, here's a glimpse of me and Ellie on our way back to Barrow.  Our longest flight was just under four hours.  From beginning to end it took us 13 hours of travel time and two plane changes to get home.  Towards the end Ellie was done being in her seat.  I cringed when she insisted on making herself comfortable on floor to play.  I guess if I were that little I would want all the space to play too.  Thankfully she is a good traveler and loves the adventure.  We are two peas in pod when it comes to traveling.

So there you have it... we are finally HOME!  Barrow, Alaska

Picture from: Nomadic Birder
Barrow, Alaska Blog Post

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Robin D said...

Once you find that place that speaks to your soul, it will always feel like home. Happiness and hugs to you, Robin

Doris said...

What a wonderful husband you have! I selfishly am glad that you have your stamping supplies with you and we'll get to see your card creations again soon. I'm so happy for you that you got to return home!

HandmadebyTLC said...

Wow! So happy to see you and your little one so happy to be headed back home hun! Glad you moved the paper stuff too! When you get back in the swing, I'd love to see what you come up with next, been missing my Alaska girl!
Hugs and god bless hun
Tammy Louise