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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Privacy Screen & My Handyman

My handyman and our project.

Yep, it's me... Miss Neglectful Blogger.  Lots of life stuff happenin' here.  Nothing bad.  Just busy.  I've been blessed with a temporary job that requires me to travel.  While I am gone I don't have reliable internet access.  So here I am months later with a post.

Peek-a-boo!!!  Can you see our neighbors?

We are in the midst of selling our home.  It's a wonderful four bedroom three full bath blessing.  I'd love to take it with us when we finally head back to Alaska.  Since that's not feasible our home is for sale.  As one of our property improvements we've installed a "privacy screen" in our front yard.  We went with a screen to block the view into the duplex next door and to keep the rest of the view of the valley open.

The concept of a privacy screen didn't really click with my husband until I pulled up a few designs from the web.  We were set with an awesome design and about to buy our supplies when I came across this one.  This concept was way more simple and cost effective.  We spent a total of $400's on this project which was a great deal for the end product.  We were diligent to take the time to shop around for supplies.  We actually more than doubled our screen for the same price as what as estimated for just two sections.

She handed Daddy the lights.  She was so proud to help.

I loved the whole process.  This was one of the few home improvement projects that me and my husband have started and finished together.  It was cool.  We found the designs together, shopped together, and assembled together.  Really I just did the sewing with the canvas and helped string them together.  What a bonding experience.  This was a several day process to make.  One day to dig the holes and pour cement for the metal post holders.  Another day for the stain to dry.  Posts and lights up another and then finally my part with the canvas.

Looking good!

Anyhow, the privacy screen is wonderful!  It blends in well with our landscape and makes the yard look much better.  At night the solar lights shine and every time I see them on I smile.


Lowe's Wind/Privacy Screen

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HandmadebyTLC said...

That's really an awesome fence! Great work from hubby and his helper! Glad to see you out and about! Hope to catch up some time! This past 3 months has been trying for me, but hopefully it's going to settle in!
Tammy Louise