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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Design House Digital and Me

I am coming down from Design House Digital's Dollar Days just in time to discover that they are doing a free blog series on design!  It's called "School of Design".   Everyday in September they will post information that will inspire you to create.  
Easter 2012 FBC Salinas, CA - Design House Digital Products

Just reading the topics excite me!  SO COOL!!!!
  • Mondays: The Theory of Color – Arielle Gordon
  • TuesdaysMaking Templates Your Own – Crystal Livesay
  • Wednesdays: Creative Clustering – Mye De Leon
  • Thursdays: Grammar Girl’s Guide to Great Journaling – Audrey Neal
  • Fridays:  Inspiration Everywhere – Mary Rogers
  • Saturdays: Brushes 101 – Jen Flaherty
  • Sundays: Photography: Tips & Tricks – Jennifer Valencia

I am a novice when it comes to digital design.  For the most part I use Pages to put my pages together.  PhotoShop is too overwhelming with all the options.  Maybe someday I'll sit down and figure it out.    

Here's a project I made this week with Design House Digital products.  It's a photo cluster that I am going to print out and put on a paper page.  I think I'll print it out twice so that I can pop it up to add some layers.  

Thank you for visiting me today!  See you at Design House Digital's School of Design!


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1 comment:

kssdesigns said...

SO good to see you blogging again! Welcome back to your home!! Your little one is so big now and I'm glad you are with your son again as well. I look forward to seeing what digital greatness you create! PS good job on taking your husbands advise to bring your craft supplies. I'm sure you'll be glad you did! :-)