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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wheat Berries

Guess what we found growing in our yard the other night?  If you guessed poison oak then you'd be correct, but besides that we have a nice little plot of wheat.  What a crazy surprise to figure out that we have a small crop of wheat yielding enough to make about twenty-five loaves of bread!

Without much effort we were able to collect a small jar full of wheat berries.  Yeah, it only took us two hours to get that far but hey it was a life experience.  Since that night I've googled the wheat picking instructions.  I'm guessing that following the instructions from online would probably make the whole process quicker and more effect.  Maybe this weekend we'll harvest the rest of the wheat before they go bad in the field.  Yep, we better get them wheat berries before we attract field mice.  EEK!

Here's what we did:
Gathered up some wild wheat.

Rub the stalks together to get the berries loose.

Pick-up a handful of the mess and gently blow.

The excess blows away and leaves only the berries.

Pour the berries into an air tight jar and save for a later date.

Today I proudly showed my Mother-in-law our little jar of wheat berries and she said that we didn't have to grind them up for bread.  Instead we could cook them like wild rice and enjoy.  Since we don't have a wheat grinder, I'm liking her idea more and more.



Cassie said...

Oh my, how fun! And your daughter is just he cutest little thing. . .what gorgeous hair she has ;D

Chrisd said...

When my boys were little, i was a member of a food coop and that is what we did with them. It tasted so of like bulgar.I too love her hair!

Gloria said...

Your daughter is sooooo sweet! You harvested your very own wheat...how cool is that!

Doris said...

WOW! So that's how they did it in Biblical days! Hmmm, maybe you could modernize by using it for pizza dough!

Anonymous said...

Loved this post ♥ Ellie is so adorable and the bread looks yummy too ~

Inking Alaska said...

What a cutie - I will babysit anytime - WE had such a blast with her this summer - wish we were there to spend more time with her - she is such a great blessing from GOD!!!