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Friday, September 10, 2010

Jewelry Making!

Now that my eyes have been opened to jewelry making I've been trying my hand at it little by little.  I'm limited on my supplies and skills but I'm telling ya this stuff is FUN!

Here's what I've made this week:

Convertible Necklace ~

The white flower is removable.  
It can be attached to the chain, put in my hair, or simply worn on a lapel. 
 I like both looks with or without the flower.  :-)

Sparrow Dangly Earrings ~

Bracelet ~
I used a Stampin' Up! antique brad to hide the jump ring connection on the top of the heart.  
The heart is also a locket.

That's it for now.  I'll be sure to share my mad jewelry making skills again once I get some more made.  Have a HAPPY FRIDAY!



Katie Renz said...

I likey... ok, fine.. I will be sending you my things missy!

Inking Alaska said...

So cute - that is great that you are exploring your talents!! Keep up the good work!!!