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Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Coloring Continued

I've had a few questions on the coloring technique using Gamsol and Prisma colored pencils. The main question I had was where to find Gamsol. Basically Gamsol is an odorless mineral spirit (OMS). You can find OMS at your fine arts supply store. I've been told that you can also find it at Home Depot too. Either way I can't find it here in Barrow so I ordered if off the internet through a fine arts supply site. I am including a photo of my Gamsol stash with blending tools. I hope this information is a help to you.


Sharon said...

Thanks for the info. I too have wondered what it really is and where to get it. I'm getting it today!!
Your cards are so sweet. I'm placing my first TAC order from a friend and am anxious to get it.

Nancy said...

Another tip for your readers... the product I bought says "Odorless Paint Thinner" on the front... but in the small print on the back of the bottle it says "Odorless Mineral Spirits".

I had looked at that same bottle 100 times before I turned it over to read the directions etc...

Jen said...

OK girl! I got it, picked it up from my Home Depot here... it's printed right on the can, "Orderless Mineral Spirits"... will post a photo later. I am trying to use it right now, and testing out my skillz. hahaha. It was $6 for this can. =0) thanks for the inspiration, in trying new things!!!