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Friday, May 4, 2007


Back to my post called "One Week Old". My favorite stampin' celebrity, Laurie Serino, had shared two cards with us. Both cards were for a very special reason. One was for a mom to send to her daughter that lives out of state and the other I couldn't say because I would be spilling the beans on a sweet surprise. Anyways... the cat is finally out of the bag so I can say what it was for. The same mom that was homesick for her daughter that lives out of state is now on her way to see her girlie. That's right! Jen's husband commissioned Laurie to make a card for his wife so he could surprise her with a roundtrip ticket for her to see her daughter. Whew! I hope my writing isn't too confusing. OOO! It's so nice to share the surprise.

By the way the card reads, "Have a Wonderful Trip Home".

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Peggy Maier said...

What a nice guy! And what a wonderful surprise.