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Friday, April 20, 2007

ONE Week Old

Yipee! I'm one week old today! To celebrate I am featuring my favorite stamping celebrity... Laurie Serino. Laurie is a stampin' celebrity because her stamped creations are amazing and everyone should know her.

It made me smile so big when Laurie agreed to be featured on Inkcicles. As part of doing my write up, I asked Laurie to send me a couple of pictures of her favorite cards. I could think of many of her designs that I wanted to post but I left it up to her to choose. Yesterday she sent me photos of two cards that she was recently commissioned to make. She told me that these cards were special to her not for the design but because they were made from her heart. The "Loads of Love" card was made for Hannah. Hannah does not live here in Barrow but her mother, Jen, does. Jen has been missing her daughter terribly and wanted a special card to send to Hannah. Pictured here is the card Laurie created just for Jen & Hannah. I wish I could express the joy Laurie had in sharing these card with me. The way she tells it is so much better to hear than to read, but I am thrilled just to be a part of it all. The second card I can't tell you the story behind it just yet. It would be spilling the beans on a wonderful surprise for someone special. So here they both are. Aren't they wonderful?!

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