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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tourist TOWN

For the summer season our village turns into a tourist town. We get tourists from all over the world coming up here to see the locals, the scenery, and the wildlife. During the summer our sun never sets and snow is gone. Our roads are not paved so we get a ton of dust from passing cars and four-wheelers. Although the sun is up 24-7 it doesn't necessarily mean that its warm out. Don't be fooled by that arctic sun and blue skies. Clear skies means that there is no cloud cover to keep in the warmth. I know it's really opposite of the lower 48's weather. We average anywhere from 35 to 48 above during the summer. Back on to tourist season... you can always spot a tourist and for the most part they are fun to talk too. Often my husband and I will wave at them as they pass in the tour bus or happily give directions to a few that manage to get lost. Well now that I am a stamper I have an art that I can offer to our summer visitors. I can make TOURIST CARDS! I can't take total credit for this idea. My best friend and fellow stamper was the first to put her creations out there and I followed her lead. Today I am sharing one of my newest tourist cards. So next time you are in my town, stop by the Inupiat Cleaners or the Inupiat Heritage Center and buy one of our hand-stamped tourist cards. We would love your support.


Michelle said...

Nancy, thanks for checking out my blog. I love your tourist cards! Hopefully someday I can come through your area and buy one!

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