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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Grandma's Girls MiniBook

My infatuation of minibooks continue...

About two years ago I took these lovely photos of my daughter and Mom's cat hanging out.  About six months later I had the pictures printed and put them into a photo book.   I thought I could just keep them photos in that book but this minibook itch that I keep having made me think otherwise.

Laurel of "Little Peace of My Heart" put up this cool minibag modification tutorial and I love it.  Click here to checkout her tut: Modified Paper Bag Album.   I've already made two minibooks in this style and I have one set and ready to go.

This is my first take on her tutorial.  Feel free to take a lookie-loo:

Thank you for clicking over to my spot in the world.  I wonder if you love minibooks too.


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1 comment:

HandmadebyTLC said...

Nancy, She's such a twinkly little one! Her eyes sing "I'm cute" and her smile is saying "I could be sneaky too" lol.

I've really got to do one of these, are the pages like envelopes to tuck in any extra's?
Tammy Louise