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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guess Who?!

Guess who stopped by my place yesterday?!  I'm so glad that she didn't tell me that they were driving by until an hour ahead of time.  I would of never slept if I had known the day before.  Anyhow, it was Katie Renz, her hubby, and the boys!

The Renz Family

What a sweet surprise to see Katie again and even more special to meet Kevin and their boys (Hunter, Will, and Nate).  Unfortunately, my husband was at work and my Ellie was at preschool.  We made the most of our time chatting away and just like that they were back on the road.  They are on their way to Disneyland for a few days of a memorable family vacation.

Katie and Me!

It was an awesome surprise and I just had to share.  :-)  Please remember to continue to pray for Katie and her family as she continues to battle gastric cancer.  Katie's blog is: Katie's Paper Haven.  A special fund raising blog has also been set-up for Katie at: Help for Katie.


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Chrisd said...

What a lovely surprise and a day you will treasure forever!My continued prayers to Katie and her family.