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Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Mini-Book!

These days when I have a crafty moment I like to make mini-books.  This one turned out to be more than a mini because it doesn't quite close all the way.

It's a white paperbag book bound with the Cinch.  I hid the binding wires with designer paper that was done up with an edge punch.  I also threw in blank coasters for additional pages and to add dimension.

This book goes on and on and I have the perfect event to fill the pages with.  My only hitch is that I still need to get those photos printed.  :-)

Awe... the life of a scrapbooker... so many projects and so little time!

I hope you are having a great day!  I'm hoping to get more scrapping done this weekend.  Yep, if not scrapping some stamping.  


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Ruby Jean said...


I just came across your lovely blog..through freeprettythingsforyou
I have just recently launched my blog and I am having some really fun giveaways..One is for scrapbooking stuff..which looks like you love...Actually it's for a class with Make Something Splendid from Dear Lizzy...
Be sure to stop by if you have a moment.. : )