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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vintage Groove!

Howdy there!  Over the summer I was blessed in winning a Vintage Groove kit from the Making Memories jewelry fan page on Facebook.  It was awesome.  From there I wound up buying a small stash of their jewelry making stuff and here's one of the few jewelry creations that I've assembled.  It's really crazy how easy it is to make a necklace with their kits but for some reason my mojo just doesn't flow that way... the jewelry designing way that is.   I'm not gonna give up on it.  It's gotta be a lot like when you first start stamping.  You just have to keep practicing!  :-)

Thanks Making Memories for my new addiction!

Besides trying my hand at jewelry making, I like the vintage styles all together.  Liquid eyeliner, bright lipstick, and retro clothes.  This year I even learned how to do my hair up in victory rolls and Betty Paige bangs.  I was totally getting it until had my hair cut.  Now I can't do anything clever with it at all.  (Insert pout here!)

So... today I was feeling sassy and tried my hand at victory rolls again.  It was tough!  Lots of hairspray, curling iron burns, and bobby pins later this is what I got!  I was so proud of my new coif until my husband came home for lunch and said... "Oh Honey, you are so cute!  YOU look just like a Japanese schoolgirl."  Okay now!  Obviously not the look I was going for.  I really thought the vintage style floral pin made the look more vintagie!  I guess having the shorter hair to work with doesn't quite cut it for what I used to have.  No worries... I like this look too and in my mind it's victory rolls and Betty bangs.  Wink-wink.



Inkcicles' Mama said...

I love the jewelry!!!! And your hair is great. Someday you will appreciate still looking like a school girl!!!!! MOM

Cassandra Rae said...

You are the cutest, Nance! And I get the look you are going for. Although, now that you mention the Japanese school girl I totally see that too :~)

Katie Renz said...

Too funny... you look great. I should just send you my bits of jewelry and you can just make me something with it!

Doris said...

Love that necklace!