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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Uhg, I went looking for something the other day and wound up re-organizing my neglected scrapbooking supplies over the course of two days.  :-(  I don't know why I have a compulsion to collect scrapbooking supplies when I predominately stamp cards?  I just can't resist cheap cute stuff!  It's really not cheap when you add it all up though.

See my parade of supplies?  

Each pile is a separate theme.  My three year old daughter showed great restraint by not reorganizing my piles for herself.  The night she went to bed with all my stuff strewn across my floor was really hard for her.  She kept telling my husband that I needed to clean my mess up before we went night-nite.

I have big plans for all this stuff.  Gifts, Etsy, girlie creative time with my daughter.  Someday it's gonna happen but for now it's organized and tucked nicely away.



Cassie said...

I totally understand, and good for you for organizing it all! I am paralyzed right now about getting into my little nook and reorganizing. It needs to be redone, but time, energy, and space are not allowing it (or are those all just excuses). Anyway, good for you, Nancy :D

Anonymous said...

I love being organized! Looks like a fun pile of art just waiting to be created ♥

Inking Alaska said...

I think that I am missing stamping - will return home soon to start that wonderful hobby again!!!