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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Va-Voom Vintage!

Not sure if you already know but I love all things vintage.   When I was in college I had a great collection of vintage clothes that I wore on special occasions.  Fifteen years later that wardrobe is gone, not to mention my waistline.   I hadn't thought much about vintage stuff other than paper crafting until right around my 40th birthday last month.  It was then that I discovered bloggers that live retro with their home decor, look, and such.  It's been inspiring!  I've tried several of there tutorials for victory rolls and 40's bangs.  My husband loves it.

Someday I'll dust off my sewing machine and make some clothes to go with the fun hair do's but in the mean time checkout Brittnay of Va-Voom Vinatge.  She's hosting her first giveaway.  Now wouldn't her goodie bag be a great start for my new look?!  She's got great style!

I forgot to mention that I found Va-Voom Vinatge from Shrinky Inky.  She's got great style too!  Here's a link to her blog: Shrinky Inky's Fine Adventures.


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Cassandra Rae said...

Oh I love vintage style! About a year ago I decided that I wanted to change my style to be mid-century modern, but I haven't invested the time & energy. I love that you are doing it! What an inspiration.

Mona from Arizona said...

I remember your vintage '50s dining set and how proud you were of it. I loved it then and know you can rock it now!