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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thanks MOM!

What a sweet surprise to receive a care package from my Mom! Speaking of my Mom, at last check she is very uncomfortable with the post-op pain and the side effects from the pain meds. I haven't heard yet how her check-up and PT appointment went but she did tell me that the doctor was not kidding when he warned her that the recovery would be painful. My prayer is that once she makes a full recovery that she won't be in pain anymore. Her poor finger was tender and swollen all the time and I hope having the joint replaced will be the solution.

So... THANKS Mom for sending me these sweet goodies and for taking care of me when I feel like I should be taking care of you. I promise to share the Propel with Andrew. Really, I will! :-)


Angela K said...

How sweet. I will keep you mom's recovery in my prayers.

kssdesigns said...

It's always nice to get fun surprises in the mail. I hope your Mom has a speedy recovery!

Marlou said...

awwww, Nancy how very thoughtful and sweet of your mum :) that was really lovely surprise :) hope she gets well soon :) xx

Beth said...

Aren't moms the best! Here is wishing yours a speedy recovery (must have missed something somewhere, didn't know she had surgery.) So is Propel difficult you y'all to get?

Rose Ann said...

How very sweet of your mom!! I hope her recovery goes well for her!!

malieta said...

Your mom is a sweetheart Nancy!
I hope she feels better soon, pain isn't any fun at all.
Your goodies are lovely and I love those "On-The-Go" drink packets, I buy them all the time!