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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Q & A

Back on my Just Life post Chelemom asked, "How did you get your ink to be soooo brown? What kind of ink is it?"
The answer is...
I used Palette ink in Burnt Umber to stamp my image and then I used a Prisma Color Pencil to color in the edges. Next was blending the colored pencil out with Gamsol and then topping it off with Liquid Lacquer. When comparing the browns on my card the sentiment was done with the Palette ink alone whereas the flowers have been done up with the Prisma Color and liquid lacquer. That's how I got the brow sooooo brown Michele. Thanks for being so patient for an answer to your question.


Beth said...

Trying to play catch-up after a hectic weekend! Love your last few cards! Mojo Monday #23 is fabulous!

Jennifer said...

very handy technique. Thanks!

Marge Robertson said...

Hi Nancy,

I'm way behind visiting everyone's blog I'd like to - could it be I have too many favs?! Maybe!!! ;-)
This is the most gorgeous card; I'm going to definitely have to try this, once I get some Gamsol!
Thank you!!!

Kristine said...

All that work pays off--it's gorgeous!!