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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Just LIFE...

Just life and living. I had an awesome day as far as catching up with my family. I talked to my Dad first, then both my sisters, and then my Mom & Dad (I know it's confusing but I call my Stepdad my Dad too), and finally my son that has been off to college. It was so nice to visit with them all even if we didn't have anything significant to say. Anyhow, my little sister checks my blog from time to time and she always mentions to me how much she enjoys when I blog about me. She likes my stamping too but it's sharing my personality that really makes her smile.

So today has been another slow stamping day for me which doesn't keep me on track with my stamping to-do list. It's an ever growing list that I am blessed to have. Little Ellie is still fussy and attached to my heals except for when it's nap time. I can't wait for her tiny new teeth make their appearance so she can finally have some relief. Teething tablets and frozen teething rings have been a comfort to her. Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement.

Enclosed are two pics of a card that I am preparing for submission. It's still not assembled yet but it's coming along. Maybe tomorrow I'll have some creative time to make it pop.

I hope you are having a very creative day.


Beth said...

I agree with you sis, it's nice when someone's personality shines through on their blogs! Although we live in very different worlds, I have found out how many things we have in common (young children, love of stamping, scrapbooking, Faith, even being 1 of 3 daughters.) Can't wait to see your finish projects. Your sneak peaks are very intriguing! Take care!

chelemom said...

My family constantly checks my blog! My sis lives in Wisconsin, and if I call her to tell her something about the kids, she'll say, " Yea, I know I read it on your blog." How did you get your ink to be soooo brown? What kind of ink is it? Lovely!

Kristin said...

love the new card in progress!! its beautiful!


Tanis said...

Looking good! So glad you had some good family chats.

Suzy said...

Funny you should mention about your blogging style today because I really love it too! In fact so much that you are my Blog of the Week :) I love your blog!

You can pick up the image on today's post on my blog here:

I am sorry the graphic is kind of stinky I am working on a nice one so hopefully you can replace it with a prettier one soon :)


Marlou said...

this card is lookin great nancy!!! glad you spent time with your family, have a lovely weekend :) xx

My Paper World said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time catching up with your family Nancy! and Your sneak peeks look fab!
Nicola xx

Michelle said...

The sneak peaks are intriguing!
I hope Ellie's feeling better soon.

2 Worlds said...

thats nice , so you have 2 dads lucky u !
I miss my DAd every day !

Maria said...

Hi Nancy! It's nice that you talk to your family regularly! Family interaction is so important!

I love your sneak peek! I can see how beautiful it is already! I see the work "Aloha". . .I'm from Hawaii so it's nice to see a card with the word "aloha" on it!!


Jen - A Spice Angel said...

my mainland fam cks my blogs too - thats why i love to share stuffs other than crafts. she is right, because your personality does shine thru when you share personal stories. Thank you for letting us in, and giving us the chance to get to know you. I love that "aloha" card girl - it's beautiful.