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Saturday, January 26, 2008

While Out...

While I was out of town this past season my Dad wanted to take me to the stamping store. (I made a short post on it way back.) We went to the store but it was closed. Well, almost a month later my Dad and I gave it a second try and managed to get there when it was open. He encouraged me to fill a basket full of everything that I thought was me. Oh it was hard not to want everything but I'm a modest type of gal...so I only picked out a just a few items.

I had a great time looking things over, once, twice... you know taking it all in. In the mean while my Dad has laid his eyes on everything at least once. He had a couple of comments and questions about a few things. It was cute.

Anyhow, we met the owner and two of the regular papercrafters while we were there. They helped keep him company while I shopped and guess what? They are very cool and experienced ATC makers. I only have one and a half ATC's under my belt so they had some tips and shared with me their inspirations. I was even given some ATC's to swap. It was a wonderful visit. My Dad survived the stamping store and if you are ever in Salinas, California you need to visit The Stamping Bug. It's tops if you ask me!


Marlou said...

how very nice of your dad Nancy!!! and wow!! look at the size of the stamp store, im sure you had fun xx

Maria said...

Is that your dad sticking out his tongue? He's funny! Your dad sounds like a wonderful loving father! That was so sweet of him to do that for you! You must be a special daughter!


Jen - A Spice Angel said...

your dad is too cute!!! how awesome to have a dad that bought you a basket full of goodies!!! I hope it was a BIG basket!!!!

the ladies at the store let you photograph them? did they know it was going to be posted? so fun to do something fun everyday! if I go back into the work field - I'm going to go and work at a craft store. hahaha