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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

LIFE where I live...

Guess what today was where I live? Most people would not guess what today is for us here in Barrow, Alaska. It's the first sunrise of the new year. I spent my day shut in due to the blizzard and high winds. Not only that it's the arctic and freezing in January! I did look out from Ellie's room to see the awesome colors of a setting arctic sun. I saw purple, blue, and pink streaks with patches of white clouds...so beautiful and inspiring. I wish I would of taken a picture to share but instead I have the sunrise & sunset stats.


Jan Scholl said...

I barely survive here in Michigan-you must be crazy to live there. I want to live in the jungle of a tropical island.

Susie Blackwell said...

Sound like an amazing sight to behold!

Flossie's Follies said...

The mental picture sounds amazing but don't know about the cold.

Tanis said...

No WAY! You have only 25 minutes of "daylight"??????
Are you serious!?!
I really didn't think about that aspect of living up there...no wonder it's so cold!
Are there a lot of cases of SAD there? You'd think, anyway!
Stay warm Nancy!

Debbie said...

The colors sound spectacular! Did you get to see the Northern Lights this winter? I hear they are awesome there. Speaking of sights, on my way to church Sunday morning there was a heavy frost on the fences and tall prairie grasses. Even though they were brown, the sun made everything sparkle....it was amazing!
Stay warm....little brisk here....started out at -20 but is suppose to be +20 by this afternoon....yay!

Lisa said...

We got to see the sun yesterday too! It was so awesome. All 6 of us crowded to the window and had to take turns basking in the light. Sure felt good on our faces!

Your North Slope Neighbor, Lisa

Tricia said...

My son has decided that he wants to live in Barrow when he leaves home... (he's 13). I think he just studied it in geography and he's been talking about it all week. But he wants to know if you have a McDonald's. :)

Doris said...

Does not compute! Not only do I hate the cold, but I hate the darkness even more! I always dread daylight savings time here because we have another hour of darkness in the afternoon. Tomorrow I fly to southern Florida to meet up with my sister for a little respite from the New Jersey winter. Isn't it amazing how our country can have such extremes?? Keep warm!

NormaJ said...

Nancy I love your blogsite with all the interesting news about Barrow. It is very different from most of our towns and cities in the lower hemisphere. Here on the
coast in Vancouver, just North of
Seattle we have a temperate climate. We get little snow but lots of rain, although this year is
proving everyone wrong. A definite shift in temperature and conditions.
Nancy, you have been tagged with the "you make my day award".
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Michelle said...

The sunset sounds wonderful!