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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Gifts from LAURIE

It is so nice to be loved. Did you know that my best friend is a stamper too? Her name is Laurie and look what she made for us as a welcome home gift! Isn't it beautiful? I sure think so. She used some of my favorite paper from Basic Grey to alter a candy box into a cup cake box. It's sweet from the inside out! :-)

CONGRATULATIONS to Laurie on joining the Sweet'n Sassy Design Team. Your art is gonna shine.


Marlou said...

oh how gorgeous!! Laurie is a lovely person you are very blessed to have such a good friend xx

Michelle said...

Mmmmm.....yummy! What a great gift!

Tanis said...

You're so lucky to have a best friend who stamps! Most of my friends "don't get it".
Very nice gift!

Jennifer said...

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Fe-Fe said...

What a wonderful friend you have and such a lovely gift.

malieta said...

I love your gift Nancy!

Rose Ann said...

Your gift is so beautiful on the outside, and so yummy on the inside! Awesome, Nancy!!

Heather P. said...

Oh wow, this is gorgeous!!

vickiw said...

ooooouuuu, these look so yummy!!! what kind of frosting did she make? Does she share recipes? Do tell....pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
vicki w.

chelemom said...

What a nice friend!!! They look delicious!