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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Hey there ladies. Just a quick note to express my thanks to my stamping pals that have tagged me recently... Jana, Kim, and Jen. Here's the post where I've left the answers to the question game. Click Here

Thank you all for bringing a smile to my face and for making me feel so welcome through your emails and sweet comments.


PHOTO DETAILS: My husband took this snapshot of me way back when. My parka was a gift from a family from my church. What a blessing to have such a warm and beautiful gift. I have since put a new cover on this parka and now I am ready for a new one. I've worn out the warmth out of my current one. The snow and ice covered ocean is in the background.


Beth said...

What a beautiful picture- scenery and "subject." I cannot even imagine owning a parka! Right now I'm having difficulty deciding if I send my daughter to pre-school in long sleeves will she get too hot at recess!!!! Sometime is amazes me how BIG our wonderful world is but something like the internet can give us such a diverse set of "neighbors!"

Michelle said...

What a great photo of you!

Marlou said...

what a gorgeous photo of you Nancy :) and the scenery too xx

Maria said...

Nancy. . you look very lovely in the picture with your cool parka! The background with the blue looks so pretty!


Rose Ann said...

Wonderful photo! I love the color of that parka. I hope your new one is just as cozy. ;)

Alexandra said...

What a beautiful picture of you Nancy! I love the scenery and that parka does look nice and cozy!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Jen said...

This is a gorgeous picture of you girl...then again, I've only seen gorgeous pictures of you all the time!!! Love your parka!!! Don't cha' just wish you could come here, and take that parka off?! You sexy young thang you... I totally love how beautiful it is where you're at!!!

Hugs n' Smooches,

Heather P. said...

That is a fabulous photo of you!!