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Monday, October 22, 2007

Check'n IN

So it feels like forever since I was last here. Boy, have I missed seeing everyones blogs and such. I want to thank the many ladies that have left me comments and sent me encouraging emails. What a blessing to be thought of. Thank you from my heart.

My husband made it home safely and on time last Saturday night. I am glad his flight was not delayed. He had his hair trimmed. It's always nice when he visits the barber to get his hair cut. It saves me the time from doing it for him. I am not trained in hair cutting so I take about a week of praying and then I have him sit in the kitchen on a folding chair for the hour long ordeal. It takes me so long because I really don't know what I am doing. He's too handsome to sport a bad haircut so I praise God that it turns out okay. While waiting for his luggage he told me that he visited two stamping stores in Anchorage to get me something special. I had to wait until we arrived at home and lugged in all the totes to see what he bought for me.

Wanna see my loot? Here it is.... ribbon, Basic Grey 6x6 papers, specialty brads, two templates, specialty glue, printed vellum, and twine. What a sweet treat.

He also got Little Ellie some treats too. Two cute new sleepers and some teething relievers. Thankfully she's too small to expect new toys and candy when Daddy comes back from a trip out of town. She's satisfied to be able to play with the totes as we unpack them. These are very practical and wonderful gifts that I am going to enjoy too. Of course I won't be using them on myself. Maybe they will help her cry less and feel better during her painful bouts of cutting her new pearly whites.


StampinMom3-Kim said...

Ahh, how sweet was that. Have fun playing with your new treats Nancy!

Flossie's Follies said...

Glad to hear Andrew arrived home safe and sound, and what a wonderful surprise he brought for you.

2 Worlds said...

Ahh so nice
my husband poor him he have no idea how stamps are lol

Cassandra Rae said...

Cute photo! Can't wait to see you :~)

Theresa said...

What an amazing husband!!! He is a keeper!!!
(And I'm going to show mine this post to plant some ideas for him, he travels every so often too!!! hehehe)

Michelle said...

What a great husband to think of your crafting needs! Enjoy!

alex.eaton said...

Oh bless his cotton socks, that is just so lovely of him. Not sure my hubby would be that forthcoming for myself, but everytime he goes anywhere, if he sees something he knows our girls will like he gets it!!!! they are sooooo spoilt!!!