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Monday, July 9, 2007

Who Wants to Know?

I was tagged by Carrie,Artistic Avenger, and
I'm usually really good at sharing but when it comes to this tag game the cat has my tongue. Uhhh...I thought this time I would share seven things I remember from my childhood:

1) Candy and Hostess pastries were only a quarter. My Mom used to give us girls a quarter each for picking up litter at our neighborhood park. It was worth earning the quarter to be able walk up to the store and pick-out a goody of our own.

2) Wonder Woman's invisible jet was really cool!

3) I always wanted to be a mother.

4) I remember learning to read and spell. We used letter stamps to put simple words together.

5) My kindergarden classmate named Tommy gave me a real ruby ring. His mom wasn't too happy about that and I had to give it back. Tommy also gave one of his mother's rings to Lisa.

6) Little House on the Prairie was one of my favorite TV shows.

7) And finally, my Aunt Pat told us girls that if you played with your belly button too much your bottom would fall off. This one was funny but it always made me stop and ponder if it were true.

PICTURE: This is a picture of me with my two little sisters. The taller girl is my sweet cousin Nina. I am the second one from the top.


Rose Ann said...

What a cute picture! It's fun to learn more about everyone while the tagging is going on.

Now check this out:


Rose Ann said...
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Rose Ann said...

Please check my July 6th post at:


I don't think the link worked before.

carrie said...

Thanks for playing, Nancy! What great little insights into your life.

I always wanted to be Laura Engels.

Corie said...

You all are SOOOO cute.

Love the tidbits -- great idea to do things when you were young.

Sarah said...

I enjoyed reading about your childhood. Such a sweet picture!

Flossie's Follies said...

Thanks for sharing, and this picture is adorable, what a great photo.

Tracy.H said...

Love the photo! And the fun facts too! :0)

chelemom said...

What a cute picture Nancy! Thanks for sharing a little of yourself!

Cassandra Rae said...

Hi Nancy ~

Your photo and post brought such a big smile to my heart! It's amazing to look back on us as kids...almost like they (we?) are completely different people! Isn't it amazing how much of your seven childhood things are still true today?

Love & hugs ~

p.s. I'm the one in Nancy's arms!

Michelle said...

I love reading these! Thanks for sharing!