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Friday, July 6, 2007


It's 65 degrees out!!! What am I doing inside?! Keeping cover from the mosquitos that's for sure. I'm going to pack Ellie and go for a walk. Hope we don't get sun burnt. :-)

UPDATE: It's nice to be able to say that the arctic was actually warmer than some of the other places in the northern hemisphere. From what I recall our summer weather averages in the 30's to 40's Fahrenheit. We are mostly cloudy with moderate winds. This summer is not the norm & everyone is enjoying it.


Shannon said...

WOW!! You were warmer than us!! But then again I remember being in Barrow when it got to 60 and that was to warm!! Enjoy your weather!!

Tracy.H said...

You are warmer than we are here in Calgary right now too! It is about 53.6 right now. We were 87 the other day. Enjoy your warm day :0)

Corie said...

Not warmer than us, but it sounds like a heat wave for you.

Michelle said...

Cool! I was curious about the temperatures.