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Friday, July 6, 2007

Second TIME Around

Ooops! That's the name of Earl Finkler's (or should I say Lance Bomber?) Saturday morning radio show here in town on KBRW. He plays music from the big band era and it's a pleasant couple of hours. At the end of the radio show he gives trivia questions and people call in. Back to what I was getting at on "Second TIME Around"... I took a closer look at the style of cards that Sketch This:Cards posts and I came up with this lovely card to try to blend in. My husband strongly dislikes it. He thinks that it's not me at all. I like it and I think that I did a good job at trying to look more Sketch This: Card like. I know what you are thinking, "Be true to yourself Nancy. Don't go trying to be something that you're not." I know that's not what I am thinking... I am thinking that is was a double challenge to use their sketch and to try on a different card motif. Although I'm not quite there yet, I did think it was fun to try on a new style. It's kinda like dying your hair blond when you are a natural brunette or vise versa. It's fun for a while until the roots start showing. So there you have it... trying a stamping style that is not your own can be fun and challenging.

Fancy Pants Stamps
Die Cuts from the Cuttle Bug
Scrapbook Paper from Self-Addressed
Palette Ink Noir and Marker Pen
Rik Rack


Kelly said...

beautiful card!

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful! Gosh your cards are just getting better and better! I'l miss you while I'm camping have a great week!

Sarah said...

I think this card is simply amazing!

Tracy.H said...

I don't know what you consider your 'style'. But I consider it to be absolutely beautiful!! As always ;0)

Flossie's Follies said...

I lOVE this card, the colors, flowers, swirls, everything about it.

Corie said...

OK, yes be true to yourself -- but sometimes you need to think out of your comfort zone. I think this is beautiful.