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Saturday, June 2, 2007


I've been racking my brain to try to figure out a technique to post that is somewhat original. (Don't worry I didn't hurt myself.) So I thought I'd share one of my distressing techniques.

Two Acrylic Mounting Blocks
Walnut Inks from Tsukinek
Scrap Paper
Card Stock (for your background or main image)

Technique: This can be somewhat messy so you'll want to keep your table covered with scrap paper or a cover of some type.

1) Spray a large acrylic block with one squirt of walnut ink in the middle of the block. This can be the messy part if the droplets miss the block.

2) Smoosh a smaller block onto the inked block. (The ink can spread to the outer edges of the larger block. Watch out for this you don't want to keep the ink on the block edges because it will stamp straight lines which is not the desired effect at this time.)

3) Lightly stamp or blot the inked smaller block on scratch paper and then stamp onto your card stock. (Pre-stamping on the scratch paper gives you an idea of what it will look like and takes off any excess ink that could seep through to the other side of the card stock.)

4) Keep inking up the smaller block from the larger sprayed block and stamp until you have your desired background.

So there you have it. :-)


Allison said...

Very cool Nancy!

Anonymous said...

This is very cool nancy! I'm gonna have to try this. But first I have to try that sketch you posted. Thanks for sharing!

Cat said...

Nancy - very neat technique. I don't feel comfortable at all with my distressing (the perfection in me, I suppose), but this looks easy. And I love a good mess! TFS

GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

By golly, I think I can do this one. I'm definitely going to give this a try. Thanks to Allison, this is my first visit here and won't be my last. I'm putting a link on my blog so I can find you again.

Jill said...

How cool! I wonder if I could get this to work somehow with my walnut ink inkpad (don't have the spray). I'll have to try it out.

My Name is Nancy Grant and I am... said...

I'm not sure what you could use as an alternative... maybe you could place drops of re-inker directly onto the acrylic block and then use it to distress. I'd be careful not to pick an ink that is too dark though. Blotting the block helps.

chelemom said...

You are so funny! So glad you didn't hurt yourself! This is a totally cool techique...I will have to try it!

Kim said...

This is great Nancy. I need to get some walnut ink and try this. My daughter walked in to the kitchen when I was looking at it and asked me if it was mold on the blocks. LOL!! This is very nice! I think I'm gonna try it for my Father's Day card.

mar2 said...

I love stuff like that.Anything to do with manipulating the inks..
This is gorgeous!!!!

Thank you for giving me something
unique to play with..

Have a superb fantastic day..
Plus 30 degrees expected for us in Calgary today..


beate said...

Great instructions Nancy! Wonderful Masculine card.

kathy said...

I think I can even do this one without messing it up. thanks for showing us

Shelby said...

Hello Nancy, I happily printed out your technique for Distressed and plan to try it out as soon as I get my craft room back. I have to move 90% of the stuff out so I can get my brand new desk in. Then I can completely reorganize my room and get back to my stamping.

Cassandra Rae said...

Nancy ~

Have you ever thought about writing a book about card making & stamping?

Hugs ~

Maria said...

What a great technique. . .I have to try it out. I used to be a big collage/vintage type card fan but have stopped making them. I should try a few using your technique. Thank you!

Rebecca said...

this is such a cool demonstration! I never thought to do this and can't wait to try it!

Aunt T said...

WOW! Great job. I need to give this technique a try.