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Thursday, December 11, 2014


This week my heart started off discouraged.  I didn't take long to figure out why and at that moment I went to the Lord.  Going to God has not always been my first response to discouragement.  Often I would seek advice from my husband or comfort from my parents.  This time around was different.  I plainly knew my discouragement was Satan.  He was trying to take God's victory away from me and steal my joy.  Satan wanted (and still wants) me to quit serving God.

Coffe Cup Bouquet

It just so happened that evening was Ladies Bible Study night.  I asked the ladies to pray for me and they did.  Our study was on "Communications".  I received a double whammy of God's love that night.  I feel silly for being so discouraged but I also know that God is faithful and He hears our prayers.  He knows all our strengths and weaknesses and He loves us none the less.  Being discouraged in the midst of this study made me examine my heart and how I deal with people.  Do I exhibit Christ's likeness in my communications, countenance, and tone or do I not?  Very humbling.

The next day my sweet friend delivered a beautiful coffee cup bouquet.  Flowers may seem ordinary to you, but for us in the Arctic flowers are very costly and a luxury.  I'm so very thankful for the people God puts in my life.  He puts people in my way to encourage, to receive encouragement from, and to serve.

I hope you have a merry heart today!  As for me I am enjoying the sweet smell of roses and standing firm on the peace only God can give.


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