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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Handmade Flowers Digi Card Creation

 Hello everyone!  Big SMILES for stopping by! 
Every now and then I get the hankering to make something crafty.  Something crafty that isn't what I usually make like a card or mini-book.  When I have this hankering I keep my hands busy by assembling floral embellishments.  Putting together these tiny baubles doesn't take much creative power just concentration and they are perfect for satisfying my need for craftiness.

Hand Assembled Floral Embellishments ~ Inkcicles.com

Each flower embellishment takes approximately three flat flowers.  A fourth flower can be added to make it fluffier.  Prima Marketing, Inc flowers were used to concoct the pink embellies.  Whereas the black/grey ones were from Recollections.  Either brand is easy to use and gives the same effect.  I try to make at least a trio of each color and size that came in the bottle.     

Digi Card ~ Inkcicles.com
These kind of floral embellishments can be purchased already assembled but for me I find great satisfaction making them myself.  It feels awesome to get these guys pumped out.  Especially since I have way too many lonely flat flowers that need to be put to use.  Honestly, I don't know what I have more of papers, ribbons, or flowers?  With that being said I better end this post and go make something special with my neglected supplies!

Thanks for checking in on me!


Here's a link to a previous post on the tutorial I used to DIY flowers:  CLICK HERE


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jperr said...

Do you happen to have a tutorial on how you make your flowers? They look so cute.

HandmadebyTLC said...

I'm loving the DIY hun! Your card is fresh and bright! Love the clean and simple lines of it and the colors just pop!
Tammy Louise

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Thank you JPerr and Tammy for the sweet comments. They made my day! You can check this link for where I discovered how to make the flowers.
Hope that helps! :-)