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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Update: Little One

Hello!  It's been a long few day.  Did I say long?  Yep, her fever, sore throat, plus more persisted.  I took her into the clinic.  Little One has strep.  :-(

Waiting to be seen at the clinic.  Reading to Momma.
She's been on antibiotic therapy since yesterday.  Twenty-four hours in and we are making progress!  Praise God!  Fever free for half a day now.  I am hoping that it doesn't return over night.  I can't tell you how relieved I am that she is doing better.  :-)

My friend Tammy of Handmade by TLC asked if she liked her card.  (See previous post.)  The answer is YES.  It was so precious.  She ran her finger across the flower petals and told me that she like the way I colored the little girl.  She also said that it's her favorite card and she's going to keep it forever.   For me, I rarely get to see someone receive one of my handmade cards.  She went from slumped feeling terrible to a few moments of beaming smiles.  I earned a hug.  It was totally worth it!

Reading her card on the way back from the post office.
No school while she's been super sick.  We are now officially two days behind on our homeschooling.  It'll be interesting to see how this effects the schedule for the rest of the year.  I'd really like to be done by the time school is out here in the village.  It's a blessing having the flexibility with our school work.  I can't wait to have our first year under our belts but I'll settle for her being well most of all.



HandmadebyTLC said...

She's so sweet to be reading to mommy when she feels yucky! They are troopers huh? I am so glad to hear that she is on the mend and that the little card brought such a great return! They are such a blessing aren't they? You'll catch up on school, don't worry! There's always an extra hour on the day after some Holidays and such! Great luck your way!
Give her a little hug from Michigan!
Tammy Louise

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Thanks Tammy! Blessings indeed!

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Thanks Tammy! Blessings indeed!