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Monday, November 18, 2013

Quick Little Update...

Playing out.

Hey there!  Guess what I've been up to?  With much prayer and God's leading, my husband and I have embarked on another journey of faith.  I officially resigned from my job and have become a full time homemaker and teacher!  That's right I am homeschooling.

Crazy for snow!

The transition from the workplace and being a career minded woman to full-time wife/mother/teacher has been pretty smooth.   Giving up half our income was more of a leap of faith.  Being a mom and wife never changed but becoming solely responsible for our daughter's complete education is huge.  I am thankful that Alaska is a pro-homeschooling state and that I have lots of at-home-education experienced friends here in town.  It is a an adjustment that we are still living through.  The blessing is seeing our daughter excel in her school work and grow her love for God.  She is a witness to me and her Daddy.  It is something to see life lessons through her eyes.

My Happy 1st Grader

So there you have it... a quick little update.



Cassandra Kinaviaq Rae said...

I love hearing about your adventures! You are so courageous and an inspiration. Love you, Sister!

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Thank you Cassandra for the comment of encouragement. I appreciate it!

Doris said...

Way to go! Your little girl is growing fast...so pretty, too. I'm sure you'll be a good teacher--it's worth the sacrifice.

Mrs. Nancy G said...

Hey Doris! I appreciate your encouraging comment. It doesn't feel like a sacrifice yet but I am sure there will be a time that it will. Yes, she is worth it.