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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Notecard Stamping

Howdy!  Once upon a time a crazy crafter found these awesome multi-colored notecards in a clearance bin.  She simply couldn't resist the bold inspiring colors and sleek design.  Fifty cents for a stash of eight.  The crazy crafter felt awesome knowing that she could put these cards to good use.

With the magic of Stazon ink and Red Rubber Designs "Blossoms & Blessings" rubber stamps, the Crazy Crafter changed those sleek notecards into Thanksgiving cards.

The End.

I hope you liked my silly story.  It's all true.  Every bit of it.  Ha-ha...  I think homeschooling a first grade girlie has had an influence on my writing style today!

Anyhow, these fun cards were made with colorful blank notecards.  Generally all my cards start out with a blank white notecard.  Blank whities are a must in my supply stash. I love how they can be used as the card base and that they come with matching envelopes.  Time and money savings all in one.

Thanks for visiting me today. Did you make any Thanksgiving cards this season?



HandmadebyTLC said...

OOOH! Love the bright colored preset card! Adorable adjustment too! I used some myself just a bit ago! Stop by and see, let me know what you think? http://handmadebytlc.blogspot.com/2013/10/for-you.html

Doris said...

This is terrific! "She" was a very smart shopper and a good stamper. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.