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Friday, November 11, 2011


Today's Card

In the midst of life I totally forgot to post this yesterday.  Thankfully Darcy over at the Pink Persimmon posted it for me on their company blog.  You can see the post over here:  Send Someone a Card Today, Just Because

This card is the third in a series of cards for the Pink Persimmon.  They were inspired by my friend Katie Renz.  You see I've been in a design slump over the past few months and when it comes to deadline time I would scramble to get my creative team assignments done.  

Previously Posted

Well this time around I was revisiting Katie's blog and was inspired by her style.   Some were clever, some were pretty, and some were simple but most of all they were awesome.  I bet you didn't know that there for awhile she received every single new release stamp from Clear Dollar Stamps and she would make samples for just about every one within a months time.  She could pump out so many cards come deadline time it wasn't even funny.  I always wondered how she did it.  

Previously Posted

This trio of cards came along quite happily once I had some inspiration.   So in a Katie-like fashion my projects were done and before the deadline.   It wasn't too long after that Katie and I were talking on the phone and I told her about my recent inspiration.  It cracked her up and she brushed off the compliment in her own humble way.

Today's card was the last one I made in that set and it is poignant that Katie passed away this week.   I had been waiting to share this story since those cards were made and I meant to send her one of those cards.  Instead of sending her one of those cards I took the drive up and we got to visit in person.  That was the weekend before she went into hospice.  I will cherish those four hours with her and her family forever.

Me and Katie

On another Katie note, we both discovered Pink Persimmon at the same time.  We shared our first order together and "Little Red Wagon" was one of the first sets she bought.  I can see why she liked it... it's so cute!

This probably wasn't what you were expecting.  I couldn't help but share.  I'll miss my friend Katie and I grieve for her family.  I am thankful for stamping because it brought us together.


STAMPS: Pink Persimmon "Little Red Wagon"
INK: Palette Ink Noir Black
PAPER: Blank White Notecard, GCD Studios Papers, Red Cardstock
COPIC MARKERS: E00, YR00, E21, RV42, B60, C7, E71, E57, E47, E49, R46 EMBELLISHMENTS: Provo Craft Scallop Scissors, Circle Coluzzle Cutter with Blade, GCD Orange Glitter Stickers


chrisd said...

Thanks for sharing your story about Katie. I felt I came to know her a bit as blog readers often do after a while. You were so blessed to be able to spend some time with her, Kevin and their boys. Keeping the whole family and also friends in my prayers . Hugs from Michigan

Rebecca said...

Thanks for sharing your memories of Katie with us, and making cards is such a beautiful way to honor her. So glad you were able to spend some time with her - cherish your memories!

Novice Naturalist said...

Beautiful cards, Nancy,and a lovely tribute to Katie. I am so glad you shared her with me. On Monday, I will burn a candle all day in remembrance of Katie since I cannot attend her memorial service. I won't ever forget her. She is an inspiration to live life generously and fully. Thinking of you! Jay

Cassandra Kinaviaq Rae said...

Aw...how sweet, Nance. And what a great way to honor Katie and your connection. Love you.

Elise said...

THIS is soooooooo sweet, Nancy. I am a HUGE fan of Pink Persimmon - and your work is STUNNING! Your sharing about Katie has me with tears rolling down my cheeks. I did not know her, but like many, many caring folks in blogland, her story touched me deeply and I sent her a card created in her honor. A small gesture, but it was SUCH an honor being a tiny player in a huge SHOW of love and support - and the miracle of the shared creative blogging experience. I'm SO glad you knew her IRL! What a gift! Thanks, so much for sharing. I'm SO glad Cath featured this post on Facebook! God Bless you and your memories of Katie and her family. She left a BEAUTIFUL creative mark and a lot of love.... xo!

Sandy Ang said...

Your cards are lovely. So sorry about your friend

Arcticstamper said...

Nancy, I am sorry to hear about your friend, Katie. You have an eye for pictures, and a beautiful creative spirit. thank you for sharing. God Bless.