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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Paperbag Mini-Book

What can I say?  I love to make mini-books.  I have no rhyme or reason for the books I put together.  I don't even have coordinating pictures aside for the book either.  Now that I think about it, I've put together a mini-book just about every other weekend this summer.  My stash of empty mini-books is huge.  On the plus side I'm using up a bunch of my supplies and I have a ton of handmade books to give for Christmas.  :-)

For a card maker creating mini-books feels like a natural progression.  Maybe someday I'll move up to actual scrapbooking.  "Actual scrapbooking" in the sense of picking out pictures and following a theme.  I have my wedding scrapbook to finish... even that one isn't a full size book.  It's an 8x8.  

What are your thoughts on mini-books?



♥ Marlou ♥ said...

Gorgeous creation Nancy, love the little bird you added :) fabulous! Hugzz x

sodell said...

I totally agree! I used to do "regular" scrapbooking, but gave it up, but will NEVER give up my mini books!! There is something about putting together those mini books that is so satisfying--they can be used as journals, scrapbooks, or a number of creative uses. I am always looking for new tutorials. Looks like you are very creative and talented! -Stacy

Chrisd said...

These are so sweet. I am not a "real" scrapbooker but those are great. I know many people who would just love to receive a gift like those.Have a blessed day!