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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jesii's Birthday!

Hey there everyone!  Today is Jesii's birthday!  As in Jesii of the "Crafty Chickadee" and our son's girlfriend.  To Jesii's great surprise we celebrated with mini cupcakes and some good cooking for dinner.  Of course we had the cupcakes first!

Here is a peek at the card we gifted her.  Instead of my usual stamped card creation I used a printed off image as the centerpiece.   I found the image over at Renee's blog "Vintage Mending".  If I didn't love stamping so much I'd probably be making more cards with pre-printed images like the ones on Renee's blog.

Click on the image to go to "My Vintage Mending...."
Anyhow, if you have a chance click on over to Jesii's blog, The Crafty Chickadee,  and leave her some birthday love!