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Monday, March 7, 2011

A Card!

Yes!  I still know how to stamp!  Making this card felt monumental since it felt like I haven't stamped in over a month.   It's a simple square 4x4 card.  I colored the stamped image twice.  The first go at it wound up in the trash.  I think my second attempt came out satisfactory.  Copic coloring is so bright and cheery.

It felt amazing to get this simple card done.  I know exactly who I want to send it to and I hope it brings her some cheer too.



Mary Duffek said...

Love it! Wowzers...girl you still got it. LOL! I am glad you were able to catch a little crafty time. Fabulous...design. Blessing to you!

Runnergirl Creations said...

Beautiful! I think you did a wonderful job! I'm glad that you are back to stamping! :) Blessings!