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Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Friend, Katie Renz

My Friend, Katie Renz
CHA Consumer Winter Show 2010

I've never been here before.  One of my good friends is terribly sick and fighting for her life.  Even though I've had time to get used to the fact that she has gastric cancer it still feels the same... sad, scary, and shocking.  Those are just the feelings I am having.  I can't fathom how Katie is taking it all in besides what she shares.  Like I said, I've never been here before.

Do you know Katie?  Katie Renz?  She's the design team leader for Clear Dollar Stamps.  CDS is how we met and how we've gotten to know each other over the last two years plus some.  We were roomies at both Winter CHA 2009 & 2010.  Oh how we could chat for hours during CHA.  The lack of sleep was monumental!  :-)  Since we both live in different parts of the West Coast, CHA was the only time we actually got to meet up face to face.  It was so cool to hangout and to have that connection through papercrafting and blogging.

Here are some of our CHA memories:

Katie telling a big JOKE!

Vicki Conquest & Katie Renz
Walking back from dinner at The Cheesecake Factory Winter CHA 2009

Dinner with Clear Dollar Stamps Winter CHA 2009
Laurie Wilson, Me, Kim Teasdale, Katie Renz, Laurie McCroskey, Vicki Conquest

Angela Beavers, Katie Renz, Vicki Conuest at Tim Holtz Demo
Winter CHA 2010

Once CHA was over we would keep in touch through the internet and phone calls.  We always have tons to talk about and when I am homesick for my former life in Alaska she alway helps me to stay positive.  She is my biggest crafty ENABLER.  Katie is my sisterfriend and I can go on and on...

CHA Winter Consumer Show 2010

Her friendship is very personal to me and I am hoping that God will make miracles happen in her life.  I have been praying for her since we met.

Please if you know Katie please also uplift her and her family in your prayers too.  Katie's blog is: My Paper Haven.  You can read about her illness on this post: CLICK HERE.

Checking in with her hubby or was it one of the boys?
Cha-Cha 2010!

Thank you.



Cassie said...

What a great post, Nancy. I love all of the pictures. I've never had the opportunity to meet any of you all in person, but I feel like I know most of you, and it breaks my heart for Katie and her family that they are dealing with this. I have to remind myself that God never wastes a hurt.

Chrisd said...

My prayers will be sent to Katie and her family. My thoughts are also sent to you. It is so hard when a friend is dealing with tough times.Thanks for sharing your post with us!Hugs from Michigan.

Gloria said...

What a great tribute to a beautiful friend and person. How touching and wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing....keeping Katie in my thoughts and prayers!

Conquest Keepsakes said...

WOW Nance! Well said! Hanging at the condo and the show, watching all of us with our laptops out skyping, bloggin and posting, and snarfing up Cheesecake are some of my absolute best memories ever. I'm greedy, I want more, with ALL of us there. So I will continue to petition God for our sisterfriend Katie. Love you too!

Runnergirl Creations said...

Thank you for sharing about Katie. I'm praying for her. :)

Lisa said...

Love all the pictures of our friend having so much fun! The more positive energy the better so thanks to everyone who is praying, thinking, sending good vibes, cooking, etc for this amazing "sister"friend to so many! If you're far away & want to help feel free to contact me at lisah@haggen.com...we've started a mealbaby.com account & there are ways you can send GC's for the family if you can't deliver food in person. Best, Lisa Hill Bellingham friend