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Monday, September 27, 2010

Diet Soda!


Have you ever heard of an all natural diet soda?  Kinda seems funny doesn't it?  An all natural diet soda!  Yes, and I LOVE it!  Zevia is my new favorite beverage of choice.  :-)  This soda is not sweetened with chemicals.  It's made from the stevia plant and barely has any sodium.  What makes it even better is a splash of fruit juice.  YUM-MO!

So there you have it... an unsolicited plug from me.  I LOVE THIS STUFF!



A Simple Life... said...

Looks scrumptious ♥ will have to try it... Izze is our favorite soda, just fruit juice and sparkling water.
Was nice to run into you last night ♥ Have a wonderful evening


Katie Renz said...

Cool... where do you get it?