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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Have You Met My Sister?

UPDATE:  Thank you all for your support and well wishes.  Unfortunately my sister's audition      was rejected.  :-(  Please visit SimplyFearless.com to leave Cassandra some love.

Have you met my little sister Cassandra Rae yet?  She's the founder of Simply Fearless!  She's so inspirational with her drive to help empower others.  This week she's going to audition for the Oprah show.  Auditioning would scare me to death!  I would have absolutely nothing interesting to say that's for sure.  Anyhow, my sister is Simply Fearless and will be sending in her tape.

I wish her the best and hope that you visit her site and add your input.

Here are the links:
Simply Fearless Website
Audition Post


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Cassandra Rae said...

Oh my gosh...thank you so much, Sis! You are the very best and I really miss you a lot. Love & hugs ~ Cassandra

Lily said...

Hi Nancy! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

Good luck to your sister! I didn't realise that people on Oprah actually had to AUDITION! That's crazy!