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Thursday, June 3, 2010


It wasn't that long ago that I had a chance to try out a Simply Screen Stencil from Plaid.  The experience didn't go that well for me.  I totally botched my demo t-shirt.  I had paint splotches in places that were not intended and not enough paint in other places to show all the details.  I thought it was a total waste of a perfectly good t-shirt until I let it dried and decided to use it as a fun nightshirt or around the house dud.

My oopsie only lasted one night as a night shirt because by morning time I had cut the ribbing off the neck and then had redesigned the bottom edge.  I had cut it up intending to someday add some ruffles and such.  It wasn't until this last weekend that I actually did the embellishments.  Although I wore my stenciled shirt as the cut up redesign, now I'm gonna wear it even more with the ruffle and flower embellishments.  It doesn't matter that the paint splotches are here and there or that I didn't get the whole stencil painted.  I simply love my new redesigned tee.  Now that I've taken the plunge with with this shirt I can see myself trying it out other duds in the future.

Embellished and thrilled.


Wanna see some of the Plaid Simply Screens?  Here's where I found them:  Fabric.com

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Katie Renz said...

Love it! Mine doesn't look nearly as good! I like how you cut the bottom too... so stylish girl.

Rebecca said...

Love it! I think the screen looks pretty cool - its got its own distressing to it, vintage feel to it and I love the ruffles!

Candy F. said...

Nancy -- the shirt looks great!

Doris said...

You look terrific in this one-of-a-kind shirt!