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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Okay... I've been wanting to make some jewelry since Winter CHA.  They had several different jewelry making demos.  Have you seen the new line from Making Memories?  Vintage Groove by Jill Schwartz it's totally inspiring.  I so want it all and I've never really dabbled into jewelry making before.  If only my pocketbook would want it all too.  This girl's gotta have a bigger crafty budget!

So with a little bit of inspiration and a full out effort to make due with the supplies that I have on hand here's what I threw together.  I love this little bauble and it was very easy to make.  The hardest thing about it was to let it dry.  Basically, it's a puffy paper flower done up with Beacon's Liquid Laminate glued to a ring finding.  So what do you think?  Check-out these pictures!Wanna make one too?   

Here's all the deet: 
1) Make a puffy flower. Here's a link to Corie's Puffy Flower Tutorial: Click Here .  (I used a brown paper bag from the grocery store for the paper and sprayed it with Log Cabin Smooch Spray along with some homemade gold and pink glitter spray.)
2) From there you glue on a circle punched piece of paper to the base of the flower.
3) Glue the puffy flower to the ring finding.
4) Brush on Beacon's Liquid Laminate all over the puffy flower and the bottom where the finding meets the punched circle.  As the paper is being saturated use a straight pin to unstick the petals to each other.  
5) Hang it upside down to dry.
6) Apply a second coat of Beacon's Liquid Laminate and repeat number five again.7) Once it dries you are set to go.  Unless of course you want to apply another coat of Beacon's Liquid Laminate again. ;-)
Ta-dah!  It's that easy.

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Katie Renz said...

Oh you go girl... I'm jealous... where's mine?

Cassie said...

Ooooo gorgeous, Nancy! Way to go ;D

Corie said...

OH WOW -- this is such a FANTASTIC idea - your ring turned out so beautifully -- love it!!

Joan Ervin said...

How cool is this....I LOVE your ring, Nancy!!!!! I am sooo going to make one of these...thanks for the inspiration!!!!

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

Very creative girlie, and so cool!

PenLight said...

HOW AWESOME IS THAT!! Wow, you are so talented!