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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You Say it's Your Birthday?

It was my birthday yesterday...40 years old!  Yeppers, I am officially closer to being "OVER THE HILL".  It's not bad.  Actually, my Mom had asked me if I felt any older and I asked if feeling grouchy was what an older person feels like than yes!  Wink-wink!

I had another milestone yesterday too.  We began homeschooling our daughter.  She's been interested in learning to read for some time.  She already knows the alphabet, the sounds they make, numbers, and colors for way too long now.  All last week she talked about us starting school at the cabin.  Our first day of school went well.  She sat at her little table in her pj's and paid full attention.  It was very cute!  For now we are working on numbers, shapes, and tracing in preparation for writing.  Two days down, the rest of her life to go... God bless us!

Well that's all for now.  I'll be sharing more later this week for the Clear Dollar Stamp's sneak peek time.

Thank you for checking in on me today!


PHOTO DETAILS: Here are some of my favorite photos of my birthday.  Ellie learning, me with Grandma Grant at lunch, and me and my sweet husband after lunch.  I love his dimples! :-)

SHARE A VERSE: "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever."  Hebrews 13:8


Mary Duffek said...

How sweet! How adorable that your daughter is wanting to be in school and home schooling is soo cool! Cute pic of you and your hubs.

Katie Renz said...

So sweet... happy belated birthday Nancy! Ha...I'm only 38 still.

And you will do awesome as the teaching MOM... hey wait aren't we always teaching :)

stampinganja said...

Happy birthday, Nancy! It's just a number...the pictures are showing all the great people in your life!
Way more important than numbers!!
Enjoy,take care, Anja

Cassie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Nancy! I'm so excited for you all as you start your home schooling experience. That is wonderful! I love those pics too. . .you look so beautiful, and you and your man are quite adorable ;D

Tanis said...

Yay! Happy Birthday again :)
Hope the home schooling is a super success!

Cassandra Rae said...

Happy Birthday Sis! Love your vintage style both on your blog and in your hair. You are more beautiful every day. There is no "over the hill" for you

Merilee Lane, Where Life is But a Dream said...

Happy birthday! I just celebrated my 50th on the 15th. Age is only a number--you are as young as you feel inside. Spread your joy and happiness follows you at any age! :o)

Rebecca said...

Happy, Happy birthday!!! How sweet that your DD wants to learn and have school, she looks like such an earnest student!

Mary Dawn said...

you're whole family is adorable!

Anonymous said...

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Angela K said...

Nancy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!! I wish you a most wonderful day and year to come filled with wonderful blessings!! :)