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Monday, December 14, 2009

Scrapbooking Project...

Hey there. I am finally done with my projects for later on this month and have been working on a family project for Christmas. I am putting together a scrapbook for me, my sisters, and my mom. The photos are from our visit this summer with my sister in New York. There were 500 plus photos to go through, organize, crop, and print. I really don't know how I am going to whittle it down to just a few??? There are so many that I love but for this project there isn't room for a whole lot. One of the dilemmas I am facing is picking the photos that make me laugh versus the ones that are portrait quality. The goofy ones really make my heart smile whereas the other ones are more on par for project. Anyhow, I am certain I am going to have to do another project that will be the continuation.... like a "B" side!

What do you think? Any advice for scrapping? My project is a single album for each us. The designs are different but the same papers/embellishments and photos will be used. Actually I made the albums back before we went on the trip and all that is left to have the photos put in. Seems so easy doesn't it?

On a side note, after going through all the photos I noticed who was more photogenic, the most photographed, the most posed, most silly and so on. I never thought I would notice those types of things but I did. Some of those candids are just plain heartwarming and I feel closer to my family even though we are all in different parts of the nation.

So... thanks for reading my blog today and I hope you leave me some advice. I have till Wednesday to get to photos printed.


PHOTO DETAILS: This is one of my treasured photos from the family shoot. I'm not sure which one of my sisters took this snapshot but I love it! It's of me and my all grown-up son. He still lives in Alaska and I miss him so much.

"But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him." I Corinthians 8:6


Mary Duffek said...

It's a beautiful photo! Makes me smile.

As far as scrapbooking goes...I like to mix and match my photos...I normally would lean towards portriat quality...but lately I want to remember those moments that "make my heart smile". For me having a mix of the two - complete my porjects.

Blessings and again love the photo of you and your son!

Anonymous said...
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Cassandra Rae said...

As your Lil Sis I want the heartwarming ones! The photos that truly represent who we really are: silly, loving, competitive, friendly, goofy, and poised!

I'm sure you will pick the perfect ones for the project. I'm so grateful for all of your hard work and can't wait to see them!

Love you Sis

Sharon Field / Createdbyu said...

Oh the portrait quality ones are probably easily obtained... they are good for intro and closing.. but the album tells a story and should include the heartwarming photos, ones that make you smile, ones that tell a story, ones that bring happy and plentiful memories! We can pose all day, but posing doesn't yield a story!!! I agree with your Sis.. go for the heartwarming ones! Thanks too for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.. I really appreciate it. I also look forward to reading about your scrapbook project!

Gloria said...

What a beautiful photo....I see why you love it.

Chrisd said...

I like to mix the photos but always include the ones which touch my heart, like you and your son... Hugs from Michigan