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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Painter's Helper

I'd like to share a handy little treat that I was gifted from The Painter's Pyramid booth at CHA. When I first saw this little plastic doodad I wondered what in the world is it and what would I use it for? Mike, The Painter's Pyramid Rep, showed me their display that demonstrated how helpful their little creation is.

The doodads can best be described as small but sturdy plastic hollow pyramids. Basically you use multiple pyramids to prop up your project while you paint, glue, or alter your masterpiece. You can also leave your project held up by these pyramids for drying or displaying too. I thought it was pretty clever and it reminded me of my husband, Andrew. I don't mean that my husband is a pretty pink hollow pyramid used to prop up projects but rather the cleverness reminded me of my husband's inventive nature. He is always inventing clever things like this. Wouldn't it be totally cool if he invented a product that would take us to CHA!

Anyhow, once I got home and set my Painter's Pyramid pack out my daughter zoomed in on them and wanted to keep them for herself. Thankfully there are ten in one pack which means that I have a couple that I could share with her. She likes being able to stack them over and over.... easy entertainment for my two year old. Hey, it's nice to have a just a few more minutes while I stamp and she plays.

On a side note, I discovered that The Painter's Pyramid is fabulous for propping up my cards to photograph. Very handy in deed! Not only that they also come in different colors other than pink.


Barb said...

Those look pretty nifty!

Oh... and you are part of my First Four for the Art Share!! :) Please email me your address:

Mike Bucci said...

Thank you for the kind words on our product.

Mike (The Painter's Pyramid Guy)

Elena said...

Thank you for sharing this information, Nancy!

Laurie tx stamper said...

Very cool, thanks for showing us this!