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Monday, November 10, 2008

Polar Bears... OH MY!

My husband announced this afternoon that there was a polar bear spotted roaming on the beach and then invited me to do a drive by on the way to my appointment. Usually we don't do mess with the bears but we were already heading out. By the time we got there we only caught a glimpse of someone on the ice... NO BEAR. Oh well... maybe next time. At least Andrew had a chance to see one in the wild before we fly out. After we drove by the beach I dropped him and Ellie off at his office so that I could make my dental appointment. On the way home from the dentist I snapped some more keepsake photos.

Today was really cold and windy. Can you see the snow blowing across the road? When I first came to Barrow I used to think that it looked erie. Now I think it's magical. This is the only place I've lived where it snowed more than a day in my adult life. I won't miss the shoveling but I sure will miss the glitter and crisp cleanness... not to mention the smell.



Rina said...

Aloha Nancy, I'm not sure whether you would remember me but...I was under Jen Young for TAC. I do pop in on your blog once in a while, for inspiration but has never gone as far as leaving a comment.

The snow is so beautiful. If only it'd snow on Oahu, that would be awesome. I was very blessed by the "Daily Blessing", so I went ahead and linked it to blog. I hope you don't mind. TFS and God Bless~

Elena said...

Oh, Nancy... how I can understand you... I miss my country a lot... Of course I have everything I could dream of and my son will have a better future here, but I still miss everything about my home city in Siberia... Hope you will meet good people at new place and they will help you feel better about your move...

Anna said...

That looks so cool! That's wild about the bear too!

Fe-Fe said...

Wow that looks so cold! Sorry you missed out on seeing the bear. That would have been really cool.

Fe x