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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Digi Fun!

Packing and packing and more packing! Uhg... no better time than to get creative and make something. Thanks to digitalscrapbookplace.com for sharing their freebies so that I have something to design with during our time of transition.

Here's a quick page I made with a smattering of their free digi elements. The main part of the page was template where you just add your photos and text but for me it needed just a tad more embellishments. :-)

Enjoy and checkout digitalscrapbookplace.com!

Ellie found my heels when I was packing yesterday and couldn't help but to put them and strut down the hall. Not only that, she also found my favorite hat. I couldn't help getting some photos of her!


Elena said...

Very cute page and precious pictures!

Diane said...

How precious! This is an adorable page to capture a precious moment. I had two boys (now grown and gone), so I didn't have those special girly moments. (Lots of wonderful little boy things, though)...good for you to capture and showcase it all! I'll thinking of you during your move--praying all goes well.

PS...scrolled all the way down to your CD sneak peeks...a little behind on my blog hopping, but they are stunning. LOVED the Christmas lamp post one...beautiful!

Beth Thomas said...

This is adorable! I love everything about it! Wish I was there to help in the packing! Hugs!

Jen (Little C's) said...

This is so pretty Nancy!!! I haven't been here for a while... have to catch up with you. Transition?!?!! Oh boy, I really have to catch up.... I think I remember you saying you're moving back to the states. But I better go through your page and read some.

Big Hugs,
Love U!

Anna said...

Ooo, very pretty page! Darling photos too! That's too cute she fell in love with the shoes. Good luck with the move.

Rina said...

Hey Nancy,

You've just been given an "Award".
Check it out on my blog.

LOL in Jesus!

malieta said...

Hi Nancy!
What a super cute digital layout! Your daughter is so pretty and I love these fun photos!!!

Fe-Fe said...

What great photos. Little girls are such fun aren't they?! Beautiful layout too, you've really done the photos justice. How on earth do you find time to craft and pack at the same time??? I think you really must be Super Woman in disguise! Lol! :-)

Corie said...

This page is just beautiful!!

chelemom said...

Your Lo's are gorgeous!!!!

Michelle said...

What a beautiful page!

Lindsay Spencer said...

Wow Nancy! You really took Digi and ran with it. I can't believe how fast you became a digi pro. This is so cute!