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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Little SISTER...

Can't help but share/brag on my little sister!!! Today she was published over on Blissfully Domestic. Here's the link to her post: CLICK HERE.

And here's her bio as taken from Blissfully Domestic:
Cassandra Rae is an author, life coach, mother, and wife who goes on quiet walks with her camera to bring her hectic life back into peaceful focus. She lives with her husband, two teens, a three-legged cat, and the cutest Chihuahua who ever licked your toes. Yes, this provides her with a lot to photo and blog about, which you can check out at www.CassandraRae.com.


"Light of Awareness" by Cassandra Rae


malieta said...

A big congratulations for your sister Nancy!

Sarcastic Mom said...

Hi! I was looking at where our referring traffic was coming from (I'm the Editor of Photo Bliss), and your site was on the list. I was curious about what "inkcicles" was, so I came over. ;-)

We are very blessed and grateful to have Cassandra on the team! She takes such beautiful photos - they must be lit from that light that shines from within her. :-)