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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Stamping...

It's gonna happen today... I just know it!!! Some STAMPING of course! I've been ready to stamp for ages now!!! So after a long day at work and a even longer week of lots of stuff, I was ready to let my creativity flow and make some cards last night. Funny how my plans don't always go along with what actually happens. I know I am not alone here. Anyhow, Little Ellie was getting ready to go night-nite when she stumbled, fell, and busted her lip. We were going to rush her to the ER but my handy husband suggested that we stop by our friends house to get a quick look over from the paramedic and physician's assistant that live there. By this time the bleeding had stopped and Melissa could see that her cuts weren't gapping and wouldn't need stitches. We originally thought that she bit through and through. Thankfully she only had cut the top and bottom of her lower lip. Praise the Lord for our smart friends and for His mercy. Ellie was fine and too busy checking out their house to notice the cuts on her lips. Needless to say it was midnight before the little one got to bed and by that time my creativity was snoozing. So today I am gonna stamp something!!!

I hope you've had time to get inky!


Sarah said...

Poor little Ellie! I hope she heals up fast. I'm glad she didn't need stitches and what a blessing to have your friends close by to help out. :) Did you have time to stamp today??

Sarah G.

Sharon in NE said...

Poor baby and even more, poor mom and dad! Glad everything turned out in the end and you had friends to turn to.

Fe-Fe said...

Oh precious little Ellie. Look at her fat lip! I'm glad she didn't need stitches or a trip to hospital. It still frightens you to death though doesn't it. There's so much blood with a split lip. Shame you missed out on your stamping, maybe you got to do some today?! Hope so.

Hugs to you and Ellie.
Fe x

Angela K said...

Oh! I hope she is doing better today, how scary! These things always seems to happen at bed time too, at least at our house... Hope your day today is much smoother!

Lologrl said...

Poor baby girl. Thank God she didn't need stitches. I wouldn't want to sit through that. I love those prety flowers that you have... WOW! Well, I hope I get inky today too... best of luck to you as well!!! =0)


Cassandra Rae said...

I love it when you blog about family :~)

I'm sorry Ellie hurt herself. Heal quickly, Little One.

Love ~

Shannon K said...

I hope Ellie's lip is better. How scary for a little one with that much bleeding.