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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Don't hate me when you read this.... SNEAK PEAKS OF THE NEW CUTTLEBUG FOLDERS!!!!

Click Here for all the deets!!!

It's going to seem like forever until I can get my hands on these. I'll just have to pretend that I never ever saw them! Can you?!

UPDATE: I just saw the watermark on the picture so I am removing the picture of the folders from my post. You can see the sneak peaks over at Cricut.com by clicking the link above.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sneak peak. I have several of the Cuttlebug folders. Most of my cards now have at least some kind of texture from the Cuttlebug. I can hardly wait until they are officially released. Thanks again for the heads up on them. Hope you have a great day . . . Elizabeth S. in mid-Michigan

Linda said...

I can't wait to get my hands on these! Thanks for sharing the pictures,

2stampis2b said...

I love SO many of those! Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for my LSS to get some that have been out for a while...I'll have to order online when they are available or I'll be waiting forever!

Linda said...

Thank you for the sneak peak of the Cuttlebug folders.
I also would like to thank you for drawing my name. I emailed you my address. Have a wonderful day!
Linda Peterson

Tracy.H said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing those with us, Nancy! I can't wait now either. Some of those look so cool and will be so fun to play with!! :0)

Kelli in Kentucky said...

Wow thanks Nancy for the 411!! I am totally excited to get them. The Halloween folders totally ROCK!!

Jen - a "Spice Angel" said...

looks like a gr8 bunch of folders coming out... can't wait!!!


Doris said...

Hmmm, now why would someone living in Barrow be interested in snowflakes???