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Friday, April 11, 2008

Tutorial: More on Indexing

Julie of Paper Jewels is a genius!!! She posted a video-how-to on mounting already cut stamps. Boy, do I ever have stamps that are mounted on creative cling that do not have an index image on them and when I came across this technique I about fell out of my seat and had to try it. I gave it a whirl and easily indexed a mess of sets that I regretfully had missed indexing when they were first cut. So go check out her video! It's on the sidebar to the right on her blog. Click HERE to see.

To further explain her technique I am including the following photos and instructions:

Reversing Stamp (plain solid stamp)
Acrylic Block
Palette Ink
Scrap Paper

1) Stamp image onto the reverse stamp.
2) Take the stamp off the acrylic block and turn over leaving the creative cling sunnyside up.
3) Kiss the stampless acrylic block with the reverse stamp. You will now see the inked image on your acrylic block.
4) Kiss the inked acrylic block onto the sunnyside up cling.
5) Clean the palette ink off both the reverse stamp and acrylic block immediately. I used Ranger Acrylic stamp cleaner on my acrylic blocks to completely remove the last of the ink.

Wah-la!!! There you have it!!! An indexed already cut stamp!!! Amazing isn't it?! Please be aware that due to the double kissing your newly indexed stamp will not be as crisp or clear as if you had indexed it from the get go. In any case I am so happy to of learned this technique. Hope that you find this technique helpful.



Toni said...

This is so great. I saw this in Jewel's site and now i have to go index all my naked stamps :)

Jewels said...

Thanks for such kind words, Nancy! Your photos are awesome!

Jen - a "Spice Angel" said...

Thanks for sharing these, Nancy!!! Love your version too!!! Thanks for taking the time to do that for all of us!!!

Big Hugs,

PS>>> Can you add my TAC Blog to your listing? Tee hee.... www.jenstacstuffs.blogspot.com

Luv U,